Technical Writing / Process Documentation

Event Planning User Guide This is a user guide I wrote for a PR agency based in the British Virgin Islands. The guide tackles event planning and organization.

Customer Service / Technical Support

Actual Outbound Call The audio recording was from an actual outbound call I made for a credit repair company based in Atlanta, GA.

Data Entry / Lead Generation

Software Companies Data Entry This sample is a list of software consulting companies cleanly organized and entered into Google Sheets.

Social Media Management

Live Instagram for a Staffing Agency I have been handling the social media accounts of a staffing agency based in San Diego, CA since 2016.

MInor Graphic Designing / Photo Editing

Party Invites These are party invites I designed for my son's first birthday. I used Adobe Photoshop in creating them.

Event Planning and Organization

Company Meeting Since 2017, I have been spearheading the planning of the annual company meeting of a California-based engineering firm.